Vishay Through Hole Precision Film Resistors


TTI features the following Product Families that relate to Through Hole Precision Film/Foil Resistors.


Vishay RN Precision Film ResistorType RN (CMF Military)- Metal Film Resistor, Military, MIL-R-10509 Qualified
Vishay Dale Type RN resistors feature very low noise (- 40 dB), very low voltage coefficient (5 ppm/V), and a controlled temperature coefficient. These resistors offer a flame retardant epoxy coating that prevents component failure due to fire. Commercial alternatives to military styles are available with higher power ratings. (View Datasheet)

Vishay CMF Precision Film ResistorCMF Industrial Series - Metal Film Resistor, Industrial
Vishay Dale CMF Industrial resistors come in small size, and conformally coated. These resistors feature excellent high frequency characteristics and exceptionally low noise; typically 0.10 µV/V. CMF resistors have a low voltage coefficient of ± 5ppm/Volt. Special tolerance and or TC matching is available on request. (View Datasheet)

Vishay PTF Precision Film Resistor PTF Series - Metal Film Resistor, Ultra-high Stability
Vishay Dale PTF metal film resistors feature an extremely low temperature coefficient of resistance as well as low noise and voltage coefficient. A proprietary epoxy coating provides superior moisture protection. These resistors offer very good high frequency characteristics, and can replace wirewound bobbins. Applications include precision test equipment and instrumentation. (View Datasheet)

Vishay FHV Precision Film Resistor Model FHV - High Voltage Resistor
Vishay Techno Model FHV resistors feature a non-inductive design, with matched sets and ratio dividers available. Low Temperature Coefficients of ± 200 PPM/°C standard, ± 100 PPM/°C and ± 50 PPM/°C are available. Tolerance of ± 10 %, ± 5 %, ± 2 %, ± 1 % are standard options. These resistors can be used in high voltage, voltage dividers, ultra-high-power, high-power, and lighting applications. (View Datasheet)