RS/NS, G/GN, Axial Leaded Wirewound

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The RS/NS & G/GN series are Axial-leaded Wirewound resistors that come in seventeen sizes, from 1/8 Watts to 13 Watts. The silicone coated construction provides complete environmental protection that allows these resistors to meet a broad range of applications. The all welded Wirewound construction allows the RS/NS & G/GN to perform in High Voltage, High Power and High Pulse requirements. As optional construction, the RS & G products are available in the NS & GN non-inductive version. These resistor types can also be customized to meet specific application needs, including special terminal modifications, special testing, or many other custom options. The RS/NS & G/GN series are available in either Pb-Bearing, or Pb-Free (compliant to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC) construction.


  • Silicone coated construction for total environmental protection.
  • Complete welded construction.
  • Meets applicable requirements of MIL-PRF-26 (MIL-PRF-39007 versions available).
  • Available in non-inductive styles (type NS & GN) with Ayrton-Perry winding for lowest reactive components.
  • Excellent stability in operation (< 1 % change in resistance).


  • Telecommunications
  • Computer
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Military