Thick Film Dual-in-Line Network Resistor

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As one of the original surface mount network parts, the SOMC family is used in a broad range of applications. The thick film, dual-in-line network comes in a molded package that makes the SOMC a very robust part. Although the SOMC is typically supplied in +/-2% Tolerances, they are available to +/-1% from 10 ohm to 1 Mega ohm, and standard schematics (bussed, isolated, or dual-terminator), as well as unique schematics as defined by your custom applications. Or, the SOMC can be available to meet additional processing and/or testing needs. The SOMC is also available in a zero ohm jumper. The SOMC family is still available in Pb-Bearing construction, or Pb-Free (compliant with RoHS directive 2002/95/EC).


  • 14, 16 or 20 terminal package
  • Isolated, bussed or TTL-terminator circuits standard
  • Rugged molded case construction
  • Compatible with automatic surface mounting equipment
  • Compliant to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC


  • Satellite and Avionics Systems
  • Avionics Engine Controls
  • Power Management
  • Test and Measurement Equipment