TANTAMOUNT® T97 Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitor

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Vishay Sprague extends Hi-Rel COTS T97 series to offer the industry's first solid tantalum chip capacitor with 63-V rating and 22-µF capacitance to meet derating requirements in +28-V power supply designs. Designed for safety-critical applications such as those found in the military and aerospace industries, the new T97 Hi-Rel series features the required reliability and surge screening options necessary to ensure performance in Hi-Rel applications while still maintaining a maximum capacitance-voltage product. The ratings are also available in a commercial version, the 597D series.

Lacking alternatives for +28-V applications, until now designers have been forced to rely on 50-V tantalum capacitors, which are unable to meet derating requirements (both military and best-commercial-practices) of 50% of the rated voltage. With a 63-V rating and capacitance of 22 µF, the new TANTAMOUNT® Hi-Rel COTS T97 device in the "F" case size solves this long-standing issue by allowing designers to incorporate solid surface-mount tantalum capacitors into their +28-V power supply designs while fully complying with derating requirements.

Key Device Specifications:

  • Capacitance range of 15µF to 1500µF
  • Voltage range from 4 V to 63 V
  • ESR from 0.015Ω to 0.30Ω at +25°C and 100kHz
  • Temperature range of −55°C to +85°C, +125°C with voltage derating
  • Capacitance tolderance of ±20% and ±10%


  • Industry's first solid tantalum chip capacitor to offer a 63-V rating
  • Offered in a surface mount "F" case package
  • Dual anode construction ensures the lowest ESR in its class
  • Combines the flexibility and convenience of a commercial product with the reliability needed in demanding applications
  • Offers high-reliability screening options including Weibull grading, and surge current testing options in accordance with MIL-PRF-55365
  • Features a wide array of ratings not found in available MIL specifications


  • Safety-critical military, aerospace, and medical applications including weapons and radar systems, avionics, space-based electronics, and medical instrumentation