TR3 Low-ESR EIA Standard Molded Chip Tantalum Capacitor

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The TR3 series molded tantalum chip capacitors provide high efficiency with ESR values down to 0.035 Ω and maximum ripple current values up to 2.07 A (100 kHz, 470 µF). Low ESR values allow for more efficient filtering in DC-to-DC conversion applications, while the devices' ability to handle high currents is key in microprocessor bulk energy storage applications. The TR3 capacitors are intended for applications in telecom, automotive, computer, industrial, commercial, medical, and avionics end systems.

In addition to providing very low ESR values and a high ripple current handling capability, these tantalum capacitors feature a proven solid tantalum construction that ensures long-term reliability. Outstanding stability over time and temperature further enhances the TR3 devices' performance and reliability.

TR3 devices are available in five molded case sizes - A, B, C, D, and E - with 100 percent tin terminations (RoHS-compliant), or 90/10 Sn/Pb terminations upon request. Devices in the B, C, D, and E case sizes are 100 percent surge-current-tested. All TR3 capacitors meet EIA 535BAAE and IEC QC300801/US0001 specifications. The capacitors' compatibility with high-volume pick-and-place equipment simplifies assembly.

Capacitance values for TR3 tantalum chip capacitors range from 0.47 µF to 1000 µF with standard capacitance tolerances of ±10% and ±20%. Voltage ratings range from 4 WVDC to 75 WVDC. The operating temperature range for the new devices is -55 °C to +85 °C, or +125 °C with voltage derating.  


  • Low ESR.
  • Available with 100 % tin or tin/lead terminations.
  • 100 % surge tested at rated voltage for case sizes B through E.
  • Standard EIA 535BAAC case sizes.


  • Commercial DC-to-DC Converters
  • Input/Output Filtering
  • Bulk Energy Storage