600-V PFC Rectifiers


Vishay's new 600-V FRED Pt™ Hyperfast tandem rectifiers reduce switching losses in high efficiency PFC and SMPS applications with their extremely fast and soft reverse recovery times together with low forward voltage drop. This new series of rectifiers completes Vishay's offering of products specifically developed for PFC applications, which includes the state of the art "X" and "H" series, for CCM PFC, and the "L" series specifically developed for DCM PFC applications.


  • 2x300-V silicon die for lowest switching losses
  • Excellent switching performance, combined with a low forward voltage drop, allow the devices to work at higher frequencies to increase the overall system efficiency
  • Operating junction temperature of +175 °C for more robust and cost effective design
  • Very soft recovery characteristics even at extreme high di/dt with minimum ringing
  • Offer extremely low leakage currents
  • Available in 2 or 3-pin isolated TO-220
  • More cost-effective alternative to SiC diodes


  • High-efficiency PFC and high-power-efficiency SMPS applications
  • Adapters for desktop PCs, servers
  • Consumer electronics, hybrid systems, UPS, and solar power systems