1.2-V Rated MOSFETs

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To help minimize power consumption and increase battery life, many of the ASICs found in portable electronics systems are designed to operate at core supply voltages between 1.2 V and 1.3 V. Until now, the lack of power MOSFETs with guaranteed turn-on operation below 1.8 V has limited the options for designers who wanted to take advantage of these low core supply voltages. The use of level-shifting circuitry with 1.5-V or 1.8-V MOSFETs adds complexity while increasing power consumption. Even less desirable is using such MOSFETs in an unguaranteed region without level shifting, where on-resistance tends to increase exponentially and process tolerances can even lead to design malfunction. Vishay addresses these problems with breakthrough power MOSFETs that work directly from 1.2-V and 1.5-V core supply voltages with on-resistance as low as 41 milliohms. With their low threshold voltage and guaranteed specifications at a 1.2-V (or 1.5-V) gate drive, these devices eliminate the need for level-shifting circuitry and maximize the power-saving benefits of low operating voltages in battery-operated systems. Vishay's 1.2-V and 1.5-V MOSFET families include single n- and p-channel devices in packages as small as 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm (PowerPAK® SC-75) as well as in the chipscale MICRO FOOT® format.


  • Allow the driver voltage to turn on the switch from a lower output voltage than 1.8 V, reducing the need for level shift circuitry
  • Low on-resistance and level shift elimination help reduce power consumption and increase battery usage time
  • Single n- and p-channel device options
  • Choice of on-resistance and package options with footprints as small as 1.6 mm by 1.6 mm (1.2 mm x 1 mm in the MICRO FOOT format).
  • Devices with ratings down to 1.5 V also available


  • Portable Devices
    • Load Switches
    • Power Amplifier Switches
    • Battery Chargers