WSL – 18 High PWR, Power Metal Strip®, SMD

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The Vishay Dale WSL...18 have 2x the power rating of the standard WSL series resistors and are ideal for all types of current sensing, voltage division, and pulse applications. Produced by proprietary techniques that result in extremely low resistance values, the WSL...18 series features all-welded construction with a solid metal Nickel-Chrome or Manganese-Copper alloy resistive element and solderable terminations. It has very low RTC (down to 20 ppm/°C and is designed to operate in a temperature range of -65 °C to +170 °C.

The WSL...18 series is available in package sizes of 0603, 0805, 1206, 2010 & 2512. Resistance values available are from 0.5Ω to 0.001Ω, the WSL...18 model will determine resistance value available for each package size.


  • 2X the power rating of standard current sensing resistors
  • Extremely low resistance values of 1 mΩ to 500 mΩ
  • Accurate current sensing with 1% tolerance enables maximum performance, 0.5% tolerance available
  • Low RTC resistance element (<20 ppm/ºC) results in more accurate current sensing, allowing the use of lower cost ICs
  • Enables utilization of a single, low-value resistor instead of multiple, high-value resistors in parallel
  • Can replace larger, low-value resistors
  • Lead (Pb)-free construction is RoHS-compliant


  • Telecommunications - Power management and battery charging systems
  • Computer – Power management, Battery charging, DC/DC converters, disc-drive motor controls
  • Automotive – Electronic systems including engine controls, body controls, audio electronics, safety and climate controls
  • Industrial – Motor controls, linear power supplies, DC/DC & DC/AC converters and power amplifiers
  • Consumer – Motor controls, battery management and DC/DC converters
  • Medical – Instrumentation and implantable current sensing