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The special feature of WIMA Polypropylene RFI capacitors are the high capacitance values at smaller case sizes compared to metallized paper capacitors, being available up to 10 µF with AC voltages of 300 VAC, 305 VAC and 440 VAC for class X1, X2 and Y2 . Based on the dielectric used they are highly cost-effective.


  • Particularly high reliability against active and passive flammability
  • Excellent self-healing as well as high voltage strength
  • High degree of interference suppression due to good attenuation and low ESR
  • For temperatures up to +110°C
  • According to RoHS 2011/65/EU


  • Capacitors connected to the mains between phase and neutral or phase and phase conductors
  • General requirements, pulse peak voltage < 2.5 kV