TTI Inc.
Molex Perma-Seal Terminals
and Battery Lugs

There’s a lot to love about Molex battery lugs and Perma-Seal crimp-on solderless terminals. They’re reliable, high-quality, and make it easy to create secure, permanent terminations.

It’s the same type of reliability you get with TTI service. You order components and they come in. Just as you expected, when you expect. You have to love that.

But what if that didn’t happen? What if you didn’t order Molex quality?
Or your delivery was late? Shortage meetings. Production skids to a
stop because you can’t trust a commodity part. That’s not a recipe for
a long-term relationship.

Phone 1.800.CALL.TTI and have an intimate conversation with your
TTI Specialist about Molex Battery Lugs and Perma-Seal terminals.

And fall in love with reliability.
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