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AVX TE Connectivity
32.768kHz Tuning Fork Crystals Sealed, 25-Amp FC-325 Series Relays
The low profile, Y-cut tuning fork crystal in the 32.768kHz frequency allows for the best compromise between low frequency and power consumption and manufacturing where that low frequency means the quartz is physically larger. FC-325 Series relays from TE Connectivity are hermetically sealed devices boasting a higher capacity design compared to similar balanced armature relays. The FC-325 series is designed for harsh inductive, motor, and lamp load applications in aerospace, defense, and marine markets.
Littlefuse API Delevan
LSP5 and LSP10 LED Lighting Protection Modules C0603 Series RF Chip Inductors
Littelfuse has introduced their LSP05 and LSP10 Series. Lighting Surge Protectors or LSP's are thermally protected MOV surge protection modules that help prevent damage to outdoor LED lighting. Continuing to innovate using their extensive Aerospace & Defense knowledge and design expertise, API Delevan has created the highest reliability commercial grade wirewound inductor available in the marketplace today.
KOA Speer Panasonic
SLN5 Molded Current Sense Resistor Higher Reliability SD/microSD Cards
KOA Speer Electronics introduces the new SLN5 Molded Current Sense Resistor, featuring a 5-Watt & 7-Watt power rating in 4527 size. With an operating temperature of -65°C to +180°C, the SLN5 is AEC-Q200 qualified surface mount type resistor with flame proof UL94V0 molded polymer case. Panasonic Industrial SD Memory Cards meet the demanding requirements of industrial and commercial OEM applications. Built for ruggedized solutions, they can operate in severe environmental conditions, and offer power failure robustness and program/erase endurance.
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