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ROHM Semiconductor Molex
Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs SlimStackTM Hybrid Power SMT Board-to-Board Connectors
As temperature increases, SiC maintains constant characteristics resulting in better performance, minimal ON resistance increases and provides greater package miniaturization and energy savings than standard silicon devices. Compared to traditional silicon, SiC has ten times the dielectric breakdown field strength, three times the bandgap, and three times the thermal conductivity and has lower resistivity. Ideal for tight-packaging applications such as mobile phones, SlimStack™ fine-pitch connectors offer a wide selection of low-profile, narrow width options in various stack heights and circuit sizes for space savings and design flexibility.
TE Connectivity Bourns AVX
High-Temp Hot Melt Tape Adhesive FLATTM Gas Discharge Tube Surge Arrestors Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors
TE's S1260 tape uses an environmentally resistant modified fluoropolymer to provide sealing in high-temperature systems. The tape adhesive resists solvents and fluids commonly found in aerospace and defense applications, including cleaning compounds, jet fuel, hydraulic fluids, and lubricating oils. Bourns sets a new industry standard by offering a 2-electrode GDT in an innovative flat-package design. Bourns’ FLAT® technology delivers a low profile solution for high density and height-restricted PCB applications with their new Model 2017 Series. AVX is first to market with several new polymer technologies such as the 100V and 125V highest voltage in the industry polymer technology and smallest case size 0603 and 0805 conductive polymer capacitors available in a wide variety of technologies.
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