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Pulse Electronics KOA Speer
SMT & THT Common Mode Chokes 1.5 Watt Molded Current Sense Resistor (SLW1 Series)
Pulse 5A and 8A common mode chokes offer a very high impedance through a broad frequency range. The amorphous core enables the high impedance per volume allowing designers to minimize board space while maximizing common mode noise rejection. The SLW1 series chip’s special electrode shape easily absorbs thermal expansion and shrinkage stress. Made with a flame retardant molded construction providing high mechanical stability, the SLW1 series resistors are suitable for reflow, wave, and iron soldering.
Bourns KEMET
Mini-Breakers EDLC Supercapacitors (FC Series)
KOMATSULITE™ Mini-Breakers are Thermal Cut Off (TCO) devices which are used as safety devices to help prevent heat and fires caused by excess current, mainly in lithium-ion batteries. They have obtained UL and TÜV safety standard certifications, and employ environmental protection measures all over the world. Most legacy supercap products require a holder, are through-hole, or require special board mounting procedures. The Kemet FC Series is designed specifically for reflow soldering, allowing them to be attached directly to a PCB. The FC Series Supercapacitors are surface mount type components intended for high energy storage applications.
TE Connectivity Ohmite
M5600/U5600 Wireless Pressure Sensors Thin Film TO-126 Resistor (TNP10 Series)
These sensors contain a 24 bit Analog to Digital Converter that supports wireless communication for remote process control and monitoring via Bluetooth® technology. The M5600/U5600 are suitable for measurement of liquid or gas pressure, even for difficult media such as contaminated water, steam, and mildly corrosive fluids. Ohmite offers a high power heat-sinkable TO-126 packaged resistor. They can achieve 1W in free air and 10W when attached to a proper heat-sink. The non-inductive design is ideal for high speed circuits. These models exhibit low noise, high-frequency operation and high-density installation.
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