Generation and sharing of data are predicted to grow rapidly over the next decade, particularly as businesses increasingly rely on the Internet of Things to inform decision making throughout the supply chain. But with this explosion in the datasphere comes a similar growth in companies' exposure and vulnerability to cybercrime. What cyber threats are organizations now facing? How can they protect themselves and their supply chains from cyberattacks going forward?
What You Will Learn
  • How cybercriminals target unsuspecting employees to penetrate company networks
  • Why executive management needs to take a lead role in ensuring their company's digital security
  • How to develop a cybersecurity risk management plan
  • Best practices for securing your supply chain against cyberattack
  • How blockchain is emerging as a potential solution for securing digital supply chains
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AXLH Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Cornell Dubilier
CDE’s newest generation of high performance axial aluminum electrolytic capacitor is rated up to 2,000 hours at 150 °C and designed for applications under extreme conditions. Featuring low ESR, low leakage current, a 10 year shelf life and a high ripple current capability.
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EEU-FS Series Radial Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
The NEW FS Series features extremely high capacitance, long life and low ESR, all in a significantly smaller case size. The FS Series provides space reduction and allows for a reduced number of capacitors on the board.
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High Current SMD Fuse
The 881 Series are high current surface mountable fuses in a very small footprint. It is a complement to the existing 456 Series to extend the Current Rating from 40A to as high as 100A. Available in 60A -100A in a small footprint (12.5mm x 10mm) and Low Profile (6.8mm).
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High Temperature Power Jacks
Introducing new high temperature jacks and plugs from Switchcraft utilizing a specially engineered, high RTI thermoplastic capable of withstanding higher temperatures and current than our standard power jacks. This is ideal for applications with a high ambient temperature.
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X2 EMI Suppression Selection Guide
EPCOS has a wide variety of X2 series for across the line applications. Different series of products offer unique features such as high pulse load capability, high capacitance stability over the lifetime, and over harsh operating conditions such as high humidity and high temperature.
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