European Union RoHS and REACH

    8/26/2016 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

    In this month’s article we once again focus on European Union RoHS and REACH.

    Brexit Fuels Uncertainty in Manufacturing, Supply Chain Economy

    7/15/2016 // Victoria Kickham in: Industry

    UK vote to leave the European Union exacerbates economic uncertainty and may continue to stall capital investment spending here at home.

    Updates from China and the European Union

    6/7/2016 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

    The big news in recent weeks was the release of the China RoHS FAQ on May 16. But that’s not all.

    Harnessing Useful Information from a Deluge of Data

    4/19/2016 // Barbara Jorgensen in: Supply Chain

    There is no shortage of data within the electronics supply chain. Suppliers, distributors and customers share forecasts, inventory data, order status and compliance information; they transact business in multiple languages and currencies; they monitor their partners and external inputs for potential disruptions and they keep abreast of their competitors.

    EEE Environmental Compliance News Items

    4/5/2016 // Mike Kirschner in: Supply Chain

    First, I’ve now gotten asked about a million times whether any of the EU RoHS “Pack 9” exemptions have been extended. In fact, that’s the wrong question; the right question is whether the Oeko Institut has issued the report they said should be “expected in March 2016.” As of today it does not appear to have been issued.

    Weekly Global Update for February 17, 2016

    2/17/2016 // Walt D. Custer in: Industry

    Europe Update; 2015 EMS & ODM Revenues; Process Equipment, Consumables and CCL Laminate 4Q’15 Growth; Another Record Year for Silicon Wafer Shipment Volumes in 2015; 5G Status & Outlook; Nokia Warns of Telecom Equipment Slowdown amid Uncertainty over Customer Capital Spending; Cautious IC Industry Expectations amid Slow-growth Global Economy; Quantum Dot Market worth $4.6B by 2021; Global SCARA Robot Revenue to grow over 8% annually from 2016-21; Digital Still Camera Sales Continue to Shrink

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