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    Delta N series connectors are medium size, 50-ohm impedance connectors with 5/8"-24 threaded coupling. They are best suited for use with cables in the range of .350" to .450" diameter, but are available for flexible and semi-rigid cables with diameters from .085" to over 1".

    Delta 7/16 series connectors are large, versatile 50-ohm impedance connectors with M29 x 1.5 metric threaded coupling. These rugged connectors conform to DIN 47223, and feature good power-handling capability along with VSWR as low as 1.07:1 @ 2 GHz.

    Delta MMCX series connectors are microminiature, 50-ohm impedance connectors with snap-on coupling. They are best suited for use with cables in the range of .070" to .120" diameter, such as RG-178 and RG-316/U.

    MHF/U.FL Series ultra miniature coaxial interconnect system is designed for use in today’s compact wireless devices. Its low mated hight of less than 2.5mm and equally small footprint of just 7.7mm² are impressive for a connector with an operational frequency range of DC to 6 GHz.

    Delta BNC series connectors are compact, economical, 50-ohm impedance connectors with two-stud bayonet coupling. These connectors conform to MIL-PRF-39012, and are available with silver, nickel, or Albaloy plating.

    These extended-frequency, precision SMA series connectors feature maximum VSWR of 1.15:1 from DC to 18 GHz, and 1.25:1 from 18 to 26.5 GHz.

    These high performance Subminiature Modular Plug-in style microwave connectors allow devices to be connected in a modular fashion, without the need for cables or threaded coupling mechanisms.

    Delta BMA connectors are compact, 50-ohm, high-frequency connectors with slide-on mating, approximately the same size as SMA connectors.