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No value-added service will help if your provider can't deliver on time or de-risk your AVL. And, when it comes to passive, interconnect, electromechanical, and discrete components TTI is the best-in-class provider.

  • We specialize in discrete and IP&E components and we have more parts available than any other distributor in the industry.
  • As the top seller of IP&E components, we know which parts are risky and which ones you can count on.
  • Long standing partnerships with the world's best manufacturers.
  • Our delivery and quality performance is simply outstanding!
  • We have one global system that allows us to provide the combination of services you want, anywhere in the world.
Credit Application

Click the link below to download our TTI Inc. credit application. Use this PDF to apply for a credit account with us.

TTI Supply Chain Solutions

At TTI we have always believed that distribution's essential service is to make as much inventory available to our customers as possible.

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Web Services

TTI offers an extensive array of Web Services, all of which are designed to be customer friendly and business savvy.

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