ezBill delivers you fast and convenient digital invoicing by eliminating paper mail invoices.

Our ezBill tool enables your company to receive digital invoicing for all your TTI shipments and orders. We also give you the ability to search, view, and print digital invoices as needed. ezBill can also be leveraged to send digital invoices directly to your email inbox.


Digital Invoices
Enabling ezBill upgrades your company’s TTI invoices from the slow paper by mail method to digital email invoices delivered directly to your inbox. Invoices are made available in the commonly used PDF format for easy viewing.

Invoices Delivered
Following shipment of your orders, ezBill digital invoices can be attached to either daily or weekly email notifications. ezBill emails are delivered directly to your designated Accounts Payable personnel.

Search & Print as Needed
Our ezBill online tool allows you to search for invoices by invoice status, invoice #, purchase order, or date range. We also allow you to view and print invoices one at a time, or create consolidated invoice reports as needed.

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