Organize your part requirements by project or BOM. Your Project List will automatically be saved in the cloud.

Project List allows you to create and maintain multiple projects composed of products found on the TTI website. Add one or all of the parts from your saved Project Lists to the Shopping Cart, or Quote Request.



Create a Project List to organize your part requirements by project, initiative, or bill of materials (BOM). Save and manage multiple Project Lists simultaneously.


All Project Lists are saved in the cloud and available 24/7. You can share/export your Project Lists by downloading all or part of a Project List to Excel.

Add to Cart

Once your BOM Upload has processed, all of your matched parts can added directly to the Shopping Cart for online checkout.

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Order Status

Audit all your TTI orders online and get tracking information 24/7.

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Custom part numbers, reserved inventory, and preferred pricing makes purchasing your parts easy!

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Review your forecasted supply chain parts online.

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Eliminate slow paper by mail invoicing. ezBill delivers you fast and convenient digital invoicing.

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