Quote Request

Requesting quotes is faster than ever with the Quote Request tool.

Quote Request allows you to submit one or multiple parts for quotation directly to a TTI sales representative. Once you have submitted the Quote Request form, a sales representative will contact you directly with a response.


Quote Hard to Find Parts

Request pricing and availability details for parts not found on the TTI website.

Specialist Quote Responses

Submitting an online Quote Request will initiate a direct communication link between you and one of our knowledgeable sales specialists.


Add parts to Quote Request directly from Part Details, BOM Upload, or Project List. Online Quote Request is the quickest and most efficient way to initiate a custom quotation.

BOM Upload

Upload multiple parts at one time and request a quote or generate a Quick Quote.

BOM Upload allows you to bulk upload part numbers using your own Bill of Materials spreadsheet or copy & paste input methods. After your parts are uploaded, you can choose from several options to help you make a purchase, request a quotation, download a Quick Quote, or if registered, add to a new or current Project List.


File Upload
Upload a spreadsheet of your entire Bill of Materials. Then map the columns that contain your part numbers and quantities.

Copy & Paste
As an alternative to the file upload method, we allow you simply copy & paste in a list of part numbers into the BOM Upload tool.

Request a Quote
After your upload has processed, both matched & unmatched parts can be added directly to the Quote Request form for a custom quotation.

Quick Quote
The Quick Quote option allows you to get pricing & availability as well as important product specific details returned back for instant download.

Project List

Organize your part requirements by project or BOM. Your Project List will automatically be saved in the cloud.

Project List allows you to create and maintain multiple projects composed of products found on the TTI website. Add one or all of the parts from your saved Project Lists to the Shopping Cart, or Quote Request.



Create a Project List to organize your part requirements by project, initiative, or bill of materials (BOM). Save and manage multiple Project Lists simultaneously.


Add parts to a new or existing Project List via Part Details, BOM Upload, or the Shopping Cart.


All Project Lists are saved in the cloud and available 24/7. You can share/export your Project Lists by downloading all or part of a Project List to Excel.

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Orders & Tracking

With Web Services to track the status of your orders as well as electronic invoicing, we can help make managing your orders easy.

TTI's Orders & Tracking Services


Whether completing an order via credit card or submitting a purchase order against your established account, we have online options to accommodate your needs.

TTI's Purchasing Services


Enabling multiple part search options to make your IP&E sourcing easy.

TTI's Search Services

Supply Chain

Multiple reporting tools allow you to Audit and Analyze your forecasted parts with TTI's Supply Chain Services

TTI's Supply Chain Services