Part Search

TTI’s Part Search functionality is powered by the industry’s most powerful engines!

TTI’s Part Search functionality is powered by the industry’s most powerful engines, matching your search input against 10 or more fields in our database. Additionally, top level filtering for In Stock, Lead Free, or RoHS allows you quickly refine your search results.


Keyword Search
Searching a partial part number will return all matching search results based on your keyword. Inputting a complete part number can result in an exact match, taking you directly to the Part Details page.

Parametric Filters
Further refine your search results by leveraging our parametric filter options. These allow you to select and apply intelligent part characteristic filters based on your search results set.

Find Similar
Part Details pages have “Find Similar” functionality built into them, making it easy to find parts with similar characteristics.

Part Builder

TTI’s Part Builder allows you to browse and find parts using a dynamic menu selection method.

Part Builder allows you to start your part search from the menu of product types that TTI carries. This method allows you to find and build your perfect part(s) based on narrowing down your search by product type and family.


Product Types
Our menu of product types allows you to start your search in the most general way, by selecting the type of product you need.

Manufacturer Filter
Refine your Part Builder results from the start by selecting your desired manufacturer name from the drop down list.

Product Sub-Types
As you continue to refine your product type selections, product sub-type selection options become more specific, improving the quality of your search results.

BOM Upload

Allows you to search for multiple products all at one time.

BOM Upload allows you to bulk upload part numbers using your own Bill of Materials spreadsheet or copy & paste input methods. After your parts are uploaded, you can choose from several options to help you make a purchase, request a quotation, download a Quick Quote, or if registered, add to a new or current Project List.


File Upload
Upload a spreadsheet of your entire Bill of Materials. Then map the columns that contain your part numbers and quantities.

Copy & Paste
As an alternative to the file upload method, we allow you simply copy & paste in a list of part numbers into the BOM Upload tool.

Add to Cart
After your upload has processed, both matched & unmatched parts can be added directly to the Quote Request form for a custom quotation.

Orders & Tracking

With Web Services to track the status of your orders as well as electronic invoicing, we can help make managing your orders easy.

TTI's Orders & Tracking Services


Whether completing an order via credit card or submitting a purchase order against your established account, we have online options to accommodate your needs.

TTI's Purchasing Services


Our online services allow you to quickly and easily request a quote from an actual sales rep, or generate an instant web quote in just a few clicks.

TTI's Quoting Services

Supply Chain

Multiple reporting tools allow you to Audit and Analyze your forecasted parts with TTI's Supply Chain Services

TTI's Supply Chain Services