Custom part numbers, reserved inventory, and preferred pricing makes purchasing your parts easy!

ezBuy enables you the ability to order online and checkout with established TTI credit terms. Additionally, ezBuy can be extended to allow ordering from your known internal customer part numbers and/or your TTI reserved inventory.


Easy Checkout
Use your existing TTI credit terms for online order payment, no credit cards necessary. ezBuy also pre-fills your billing and shipping information for quick online order submission.

Parts List
View a list of your known internal part numbers and corresponding TTI Part Numbers. If applicable, your contract pricing will also be displayed and available to order online.

Search by Your Part Numbers
You may use the TTI Part Search or Part Builder tools to search by any of your known internal part numbers. We will cross reference your search to the TTI Part Number automatically, if applicable.

Reserved Inventory
View bonded parts and release orders for your reserved TTI inventory.

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Project List

Organize your part requirements by project or BOM. Your Project List will automatically be saved in the cloud.

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Order Status

Audit all your TTI orders online and get tracking information 24/7.

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Review your forecasted supply chain parts online.

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Eliminate slow paper by mail invoicing. ezBill delivers you fast and convenient digital invoicing.

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