For over 40 Years TTI Has Been Ensuring Our Customers Are Never Line-down Due To An IP&E Component Stock-out


At TTI we have always believed that distribution’s essential service is to make as much inventory available to our customers as possible. TTI is committed to stocking a full family of interconnect, passive, electromechanical (IP&E) and discrete semiconductor products.

In North America TTI carries over 500,000 part numbers; globally, the number is over 850,000. TTI has more IP&E and discrete components immediately available to you than from any other source.


IP&E components represent the heavy lifting of inventory management since they are 75% of the typical BOM component count, 85% of PCB placements and only 7% -10% of total spend.


Our systems have been developed and tailored for over 40 years to meet the special requirements of IP&E and discrete products. This enables TTI to minimize processing cost and maximize continuity of supply, giving you the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and peace of mind. TTI's supply chain solutions are integrated into our mainstream business through Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) – our proprietary system that is the heart of TTI’s world-class inventory management system. AIM has been specifically designed to facilitate the management of thousands of low cost IP&E and discrete components, ensuring data processing accuracy, increase product availability to our customers and eliminate non-value-add transactions.

7 Reasons Why Companies that AIM High Partner with TTI

1. Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) Platform

TTI's proprietary system is designed exclusively for managing interconnect, passive, electromechanical and discrete semiconductor products.

2. Premier Line Card and Specialization

Partnerships with premier manufacturers allow TTI to provide the BOM coverage necessary to deploy comprehensive supply chain solutions. Our unique specialization provides you with significantly better product knowledge to support manufacturing from design through production.

3. Supply Chain Optimization

Whether the environment is high volume, low mix (HVLM) or low volume, high mix (LVHM), TTI has the skills and the tools to help you accomplish your objectives – economic order quantity and reorder point analysis, consumption to forecast analysis, materials acquisition cost calculator and more.

4. Dedicated Supply Chain Professionals

Our supply chain managers are experienced materials management professionals, located across North America. They will work with you, and the local TTI branch, to develop a program that achieves the least total cost of ownership and the greatest amount of flexibility – let us do the heavy lifting.

5. Multiple Interfaces

TTI supports all the major supply chain transactions of ANSI X.12 and EDIFACT including invoicing, forecast sharing, PO change acknowledgements and advanced shipping notification. We also work with e-files and customer proprietary data export.

6. Powered by a Single, Global Computer System and Distribution

TTI has more than 1.2 million square feet of automated warehousing in North America, Europe and Asia. All are linked into our global warehouse management system to ensure superior customer service and overall business efficiencies. Wherever you are in the world, TTI can provide support.

7. Unsurpassed Quality and Reliability

TTI was the first distributor to have all global warehouse locations ISO registered and are currently rated ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C in North America and TTI Europe to EN9100C and EN9120:2009. Year after year, customers rate our quality and management practices among the very best in the industry.

Program Overview

TTI’s supply chain solutions allow you to better utilize valuable floor space, cut inventory carrying costs, reduce transportation costs and effectively eliminate the burden of purchase order reschedules. 

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What's Involved

The process begins with a simple conversation with your TTI representative. Once performance, cost analysis and consumption to forecast have been assessed, TTI experts begin to focus on the tools and techniques that best meet your goals. 

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The TTI Difference

Since our founding TTI has been successful because of two great things – the industry’s broadest and deepest inventory, and Specialists who know all about it.

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Mexico Proximity Warehouse

TTI proximity warehouses make manufacturing in Mexico faster, more secure and more convenient than ever before, with money-saving effiencies at every step of the process.

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