The process begins with a simple conversation with your TTI representative. TTI then assembles a team of supply chain experts to review your existing systems and perform a needs assessment. The team looks at your ordering process, forecasting or demand schedules, and how your purchasing system best interfaces with the core of the program - TTI’s proprietary Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) system.

Program Implementation

  • Develop a statement of work that ensures your supply chain program is optimized
  • Review the forecast management process including format, content, transmission process and frequency
  • Review component candidate list
  • Account setup and purchase order transition

Performance Management:
TTI’s performance management tools quantify key cost drivers in the material acquisition process and identify opportunities to reduce total cost of ownership.

  • Economic Order Quantity and Reorder Point Analysis
  • Minimize your order management and inventory holding costs
  • Determine optimum shipment quantities
  • Calculate min/max and reorder point quantities
  • Utilize your data when available or benchmark data

Total Acquisition Cost Analysis:

  • Identify key cost drivers in the order management process
  • Quantify the cost savings between your current process and potential benefits of a proposed solution
  • Reduce non-value add activity

Consumption to Forecast Analysis:

  • Measures actual consumption compared to required reservation by part
  • Identifies key trends in demand
  • Tracks changes in manufacturers’ lead time

Once the elements have been assessed, TTI experts begin to focus on the tools and techniques that best meet your goals. Whether these goals are lowest cost of ownership, absolutely secure bonded inventory, just in time production delivery… There are as many options as there are challenges. Fortunately, TTI Specialists have decades of experience and a wealth of technologies to draw upon.

From military and aerospace manufacturing, to consumer electronics, healthcare and beyond, TTI supports some of the most demanding supply chains in the world. Contact a TTI Specialist today and learn what we can do for your bottom line.

To be connected to the TTI branch nearest you, phone 1-800-Call-TTI (1-800-225-5884).

TTI's Supply Chain Solution Guide

Download our 11 page guide to learn more about the complete suite of supply chain management solutions TTI offers that are specifically tailored to meet your company's needs.