TTI’s Advanced Inventory Management Solutions Improve Supply Chain Flexibility and Reduce Cost

Ready... AIM... Reduce Costs

Increase Turns and Mitigate Risk with Solutions Based in Best Practices

TTI’s supply chain solutions allow you to better utilize valuable floor space, cut inventory carrying costs, reduce transportation costs and effectively eliminate the burden of purchase order reschedules.

Reduce Non-value-add Cost with Automated Order and Receipt Processing TALON®
TTI's web-based, point-of-use replenishment and stockroom management system for automating the purchasing and receiving process. TALON is a standards-based system allowing for support of all your suppliers, eliminating the need for multiple replenishment programs.

TTI will reserve inventory based on forecast demand and fulfill based on released orders, automatically.

Kanban/Demand Pull 
Based on actual material on the production line, a replenishment signal will be sent to TTI. This signal can be automated by standard EDI transactions or scanning technology. We ship the parts upon receipt of order notification.

Reduce Lead-time with Bonded or Consignment Inventory
TTI’s bonded and consigned inventory programs will reduce procurement lead times and increase your inventory turns. TTI will reserve inventory in our warehouse or yours and retain ownership of this inventory until your predetermined trigger releases it to the production floor.

The Advantage of Onsite Personnel
TTI’s in-plant store model takes consignment to the next level with the addition of onsite TTI logistics personnel to manage the planning, receipt and maintenance of your required inventory levels. Onsite staff program provides qualified, trained TTI personnel to support your procurement and engineering teams.

TTI’s Advanced Inventory Management Solutions

The universe of available tools your TTI team can bring to the table for consideration is vast and customized to your specific situation.

  • TAC – Total Acquisition Cost analysis
  • AIM – TTI’s proprietary Advanced Inventory Management system
  • TALON – Proven, web-based Stock Room Management system
  • AIRS – Closed loop inventory reservation system
  • VMI – Options for Vendor Managed Inventory
  • EDI Programming – Data and order transfer by standards-based or customized options
  • Lot Size Optimization – Automated logistics optimization algorithm
  • Onsite Personnel – Options for TTI staff on-hand to manage inventory and processes
  • ezReview – Real time snapshot of your supply chain status.

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TTI's Supply Chain Solution Guide

Download our 11 page guide to learn more about the complete suite of supply chain management solutions TTI offers that are specifically tailored to meet your company's needs.